Your Financial Future, Today.

Our Mission statement
At AMG, our goal is to educate every DOD employee about the benefits they are entitled to. We strive to motivate them to take advantage of every opportunity they are afforded. Whether that is an enlisted service member who is deploying overseas, or the local police officer who is patrolling our streets, everyone deserves an opportunity to be serviced!

For over twenty years, AMG has endeavored to teach service members the tips and tricks they need to reach their financial goals. Because we are Veteran owned, we better understand the unique financial challenges military members in particular face on a daily basis. Serving multiple locations, we strive to develop personalized goals for each and every person who walks through our door.

We offer free guidance and helpful information in regards to:
⦁ Credit Building and Repair
⦁ Home Loan Action Plans
⦁ Money Savings Tips
⦁ Bill Management Strategies
⦁ Identity Theft Protection
⦁ Cash Accumulation
⦁ Supplemental Life Insurance

In a time where some financial advisers are charging hundreds of dollars per hour, we are willing to donate our time to help you keep more of your money! Each agent within our company is licensed and bonded by their respective state so you can trust your information is both confidential and safe.