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The Survival Tactics Military Money Book. These typically sell on post at various shoppettes and PX's for around $30.  AMG sends you a digital copy completely free of charge! In this book we cover a few chapters regarding  your military benefits as a free service!

Topics include:
- Savings, time and its effect on your money
- Credit Repair
- The VA Home Loan Guarantee Program
- Collateralization and Leveraging
- Escaping the Cycle of Debt
- Budgeting
- Where to save, stash and grow your money
- Building Your Financial Foundation

We also give away annual editions of the Armed Forces Benefits Association's Financial Planning Guide! AFBA was founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower in the basement of the Pentagon and is currently one of the largest lobby group for the US Military. They are up on Capitol Hill fighting for better pay raises, better amenities and safer equipment for our service members!

Topics include:
- Military Retirement Plans
- Savings and Investments 
- State & Federal Taxes
- Military Life Insurance
- Veterans Benefits
- Social Security
- Survivor Benefits
- Health Benefits

AFBA also offers additional benefits to
Military, Gov't Contractors and First Responders such as:
- Auto Loans
- Car Insurance Discounts

- Supplemental Life Insurance
- TRICARE Supplements
- Long Term Care Insurance
- Car Rental Discounts
- Emergency Assistance+

AMG utilizes both of these groundbreaking books to teach you the tips and tricks you need to better yourself financially. Whether you plan on getting out after a few years of service or making it your career, we strive to ensure that you will always have a solid financial foundation to fall back on.