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"Walter came out to our home and broke everything down for me and my wife. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions!! If you need financial advice please ask for Walter!! I'm happy knowing that I have someone to turn to for financial advice, especially as a fresh private in the army!"

- D. Gomez

"Ms. Grace, thank you so much for taking the time to call me back and answer all my questions. I strongly recommend AMG to all active duty/Veterans"

-E. Zamora

"Ashley was great good communication skills. She help me a lot to understand more about budgeting and my credit. Walter is also a excellent. I love this team!!!"
-M. Maria

"Well this place was a great help. I recommend this and most importantly the person who walked me through the steps Cathy."
-T. Le

"Talked with Sharrisse about saving money and she seemed like she was very knowledgeable and also answered all types of questions that were asked."
-G. Whitlock

"We worked with Jordan and he was very professional and extremely helpful with helping us save money. I recommend working with Jordan if you need help not spend unnecessary money, working on your credit, or building a higher savings."
-D. Carter

"Walter came to our house and gave my husband and I along of information on savings, credit cards, retirement, etc. He made the conversation very flowy and comfortable to talk about. Definitely made us think on more of the future. Definitely would do business with. He was a joy to have and definitely knows what he's talking about. I would highly recommend."
-M. Gordon

"Went in today not expecting much but came out with a wealth of knowledge and had a good time in the office. Walter helped me out alot a very positive experience plus a free pizza at the end + Rep"
-N. Braswell

"Walter was so helpful. He took his time explaining everything to me and made sure I understood. He made sure I had no questions. He did a full budget with me amd didn't ask for a dime. I loved the fact that it was free but it was also extremely helpful. I'm telling all my friends and family about him."
- J. Johnson

"Walter was awesome. He showed me every step in buying a home with the VA and how to make money from it. His collateral leverage method completely blew my mind. Highly recommend!"


"NOVAL, has been outstanding and nothing short of fantastic in explaining all the in and outs the inner workings of the AMG coronation [as] well the continued benefits of having served in arms. Raise the roof and get over SM, of the Military it will open your eyes, and your expand your [financially.]"

-Elijah Jones

"Had a full sit down with Mr. Fletcher. Had a lot of good information on many money issues of today, and had solutions for them. [His] card may say life insurance but he knows so much more."

-J. Gray

"Mr. [Fletcher] gave us a lot of great info, we didn't win the ps5 but gained a wealth of knowledge thank you so much."


"I am a young adult so I didn't know too much about anything financially. So I'm glad that Bobie was able to talk me through everything I should know about it."
-S. Billman

"Sat down Adrian Rueda today. He helped me out a lot with showing me how to budget a lot better. I will definitely recommend some people to come here!"
-P. Heimann

"This was the best financial advice me and my husband have ever gotten. Everything was explained clearly and very well. I can’t explain how helpful this was! It was engaging and I left feeling very optimistic. We had Cathy helping us and she was great. Very nice and so helpful. My husband has been to tons of briefs and he said this was one he actually liked and it was very educating to us as a young couple. It’s something I’ll definitely remember and we left with tons of great information. Really if you need some advice go to them."
-K. Easley

"Walter was an excellent representative that came over and taught me and my wife a lot about savings, finances, life insurance and other topics, he was polite,funny, and explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand a topic that I myself struggle with, would highly recommend this representative to people looking to better their lives and need a strong start."
-B. Gordon

"I had the pleasure of meeting Miss. Noval, she drove me to the AMG center and explained how everything worked to me in simple terms. She answer every question I had and made me feel comfortable when I was confused. She had me engage in the conversation which made me more intrigued on learning. all in all I had an enjoyable conversation and definitely recommend.."
-F. D'Arco